5 Ways to Nix Interruptions at Work

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5 Ways to Nix Interruptions at Work

Some days does it seem like the office is the worst place in the world to actually get work done? You’re not the only one to have noticed. Simply avoiding interruptions won’t work. Interruptions will manage to find you, wherever you are. Try these tips to get more done with fewer hurdles:

1. Move the hard stuff in the morning. Set the timer and put your head down for an extended period of time. Push everything else to the afternoon.

2. Build a reputation as someone who is concentrating. People will eventually learn to only interrupt you when it really matters.

3. Don’t lure people to your space. Unless you like chatting people up, never offer a candy jar or other treats and make sure there’s nowhere for someone who stops by to sit.

4. Invest in noise-cancelling headphones. Not only does donning headphones communicate to others that you’re head-down in work, they can remove annoying sounds from your radar, such as your neighbor chewing his lunch.

5. Change your work hours. If you can, change your work hours to either come in earlier or stay later in periods when the office is much quieter.