Discover Your Communication Style Markers

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Discover Your Communication Style Markers

What’s your communication style? Whether you’re speaking with a co-worker, your boss, or an audience of hundreds, matching your communication styles to others is an essential step to effective communication.

Data or Emotions?
One major difference in communication styles is the extent to which you communicate with emotions or with data. For example, would you be more likely to say something like, “I feel like we’re off to a good start this month”? Or would you say, “Sales have increased by 8 percent over last month”?

Linear or Freeform?
Another difference is the degree to which you prefer to communicate in a linear way. For example, would you start with step A then B then C, or do you prefer to move in a freeform fashion from point D to A to F to C?

No one communication style is inherently better than any other. But choosing the wrong style can shut down listening and create frustration. Learning to flex around your preferred style allows others to more successfully hear the important stuff you need to communicate.