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Unique features create a brain healthy culture for your organization.

Brain Fitness

Blue Ocean Brain offers your people the latest brain training experiences to boost concentration and information professing speed.

Whole Living

It's all about balance. Our wellness experts give everything from superfood info to exercise tips to boost brain power.

Better Sleep

Our sleep experts offer tips to reduce fatigue and improve the quality of sleep for your people.

Critical Thinking Exercise

They take just minutes, but our critical thinking exercises pack a powerful cognitive punch. Trains concentration and reasoning skills.

Creativity in Business

Blue Ocean Brain shares amazing business innovations from history to teach out-of-the-box thinking.

Stress Management

Our stress management experts provide stress relievers and help your people understand stress triggers and how to manage.

Visual Thinking

Blue Ocean Brain offers quick drawing challenges to teach visual thinking. The Navy and Apple use this technique to drive innovation.

Visual Thinking Gallery

Employees post their creations in the Sketch Gallery. Company leaders will be amazed at the creative potential.