Why Blue Ocean Brain?

The war for talent is heating up.

It’s a dramatically shrinking talent pool. But the war for talent won’t be won by poaching from the outside – but by investing in your internal employees.


Lack of employee engagement costs companies 35% of total payroll.


78% of company leaders rate employee engagement as an urgent concern.

It's Time for a New Game Plan

Winning the talent war will require a paradigm shift toward giving people more control of their own development. Employees expect to have the opportunity to learn new things every day.

Brain Performance Matters

According to best-selling author Daniel Pink, “There is a big disconnect between what science knows and what business does.” Leveraging the latest neuroscientific research, we design learning that impacts performance.


The smartest (and smallest) tool in your toolbox.

You need to build engagement, foster innovation and increase agility in your people. It’s a tall order. Blue Ocean Brain gives you an intelligent way to take a big step forward. Best of all – employees see Blue Ocean Brain as a perk.



Protecting the security and privacy of our customers’ data is a priority for Blue Ocean Brain. We have built and continually update rigorous safeguards to protect customer data. Blue Ocean Brain partners with reliable data-center providers and we provision our disaster recovery sites with infrastructure equivalent to that of our production site. This assures we can reliably fail over with minimal disruption for our customers.

And most importantly ... You expect your enterprise applications to be available at all times. Not a problem. Blue Ocean Brain was designed with reliability in mind. As a result, Blue Ocean Brain has delivered 99.9% uptime over the past two years. We even minimize planned outages.

Ready to experience Blue Ocean Brain for yourself?